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Intercontinental Rally Route 2015

Majority of the new off-road in Morocco will test your navigational abilities, as well as your vehicle durability, and your personal stamina.
We are having one extra stage arranged in hot and sandy Mauritania, which will include bivouacking at legendary Chinguetti, famous for its beautiful landscapes. The beauty however brings the beast of challenging sandy off-roads.
A fantastic, 250km long final stage will take us to the Lac Rose lake in Senegal, through the beaches of Atlantic ocean and Senegalese Sahara.

Join us for the our fifth run across the African continent, and it will take you through exotic Morocco and mysterious Mauritania, all the way down to booming Senegal. If you get to finish the Intercontinental Rally 2015, the thinks will never will be the same.

The Intercontinental Rally 2015 route:

1. Stage - Jan 26 Almeria - Nador - Taouirirt (warm-up stage)
2. Stage - Jan 27 Taouirirt - Merzouga
3. Stage - Jan 28 Merzouga - Tata
4. Stage - Jan 29 Tata Smara
5. Stage - Jan 30 Samara Boujdour
6. Stage - Jan 31 Boujdour - Dakhla
7. Stage - Feb 01 Dakhla - Bon Lanuar
8. Stage - Feb 02 Bon Lanuar Atar
9. Stage - Feb 03 Atar - Chinguetti
10.Stage - Feb 04 Chinguetti - Akjout
11.Stage - Feb 05 Akjout - Nouakchott
12.Stage - Feb 06 Nouakchott St.Louis
13.Stage - Feb 07 St.Louis - Lac Rose
14.Stage - Feb 08 Lac Rose - Lac Rose

The Lite Class is going to finish in Dakhla, Morocco.
The Full Range Class is going to finish at Lac Rose by Dakar, Senegal.

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